We are a husband and wife duo

Chris & Bridgeen Hanlon, who share a passion for dogs! In fact,…… we got our very first dog together when we got engaged……& we now have five. We also have four boys so it’s safe to say that Werewolf Food HQ is a bit barking mad – but we love it that way.

We have 20+ years' experience working with dogs as owners of a renowned dog-care facility, which cares for hundreds of dogs a year & also breeding & training specialist sniffer dogs used by government services across the world including Singapore & USA.

All of this has taught us that nutrition is everything when it comes to a dog’s life – its happiness, behaviour, health & life expectancy - the list goes on.

We worked with vets & nutritionists to create our delicious range of dog food. All of our recipes use only the best quality ingredients, including human-grade protein sources, they're all hypoallergenic & easy to digest with most being grain-free.

Werewolf Food got its first leash of life in 2018 & now we have hundreds of customers accross the UK & Ireland. Join our Werewolf Pack to get simply great dog food, delivered speedily to your door.

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husband and wife duo